Brittany Steff: Species Richness Media

The world is shaped by stories. A newspaper or magazine article, a website, a haunting profile, or a well-timed social media post gone viral can change people’s attitudes, opinions, and actions. Stories make people more educated, more passionate, more aware of the world around them.

I am a writer, editor, communications professional, and social media strategist.

I am proficient in a wide range of media and have experience working for outlets including magazines, news sites, zoos, aquariums, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

I specialize in:

  • Engaging, creative content for blogs, websites, and social media
  • Informative, relevant articles including news stories, features, and profiles
  • Visually compelling photographs, slideshows, and custom images for websites and social media
  • Practical, meaningful outreach plans for nonprofits, zoos, museums, labs, research groups, and small businesses
  • Translating and interpreting scientific information and narratives in a accessible, inviting way
  • Social media strategies for nonprofits and scientific organizations, including quantifying and tracking influence and success
  • Inviting, enticing travelogues and profiles of places and destinations
  • Storytelling through objects and interpretation for zoo, aquarium, and museum exhibits
  • Effective and strategic targeted communications including email newsletters, annual reports, and brochures

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What is species richness?

Spe·cies rich·ness (noun)

  1. A technical term from the field of ecology. The number of different species present in an ecological community, landscape, or region.
  2. More philosophically, a lovely and poetic phrase that conveys the value and wonder inherent in the range of species on the planet and in all the amazing detail of the living world.
  3. A communications company (see above).