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Apr 22

Happy Earth Day! No Guilt, Just Joy

Not a turkey

Holidays are hard. As a kid, you’re always encouraged to pick a favorite. I was never quite able to settle. There’s no Book Day after all (I mean, I’m sure there is now, along with all sorts of other fantastic holidays such as Towel Day, Bring Your Velociraptor to Work Day, World Oceans Day, and …

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Feb 25

Hello, My Name is Brittany, and I’m an Ernst

My sister and I demonstrate the range of excitement about science and learning.

There’s a moment in the old Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson when the two boys are discussing their reading habits with a young lady named Roberta. It goes something like this: Roberta ‘Bertie’: Do you read a lot, Fritz? Ernst Robinson: Who, him? He practically doesn’t ever read at all! Fritz Robinson: Never really needed …

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